About Aaron St. Hilaire

Aaron St. Hilaire

Aaron St. Hilaire is an entrepreneur, business owner, author, husband, marketer, U.S. veteran, and conscientious objector. Aaron is the owner of St. Hilaire Personal Investments, a holding company, housing the assets of Revenue Regen, a digital marketing firm laser focused on results & ROI utilizing Facebook Advertising for their clients, and other smaller companies.

Aaron is a consultant who helps business owners increase their sales through targeted digital marketing campaigns. Gone are the days where advertising dollars are wasted on radio, tv, and billboard. These traditional marketing platforms have the inability to target your ideal client.

Major mentors in Aaron’s life has been: Grant Cardone, Steve Jobs, Les Brown, Elon Musk, and Seth Godin. They say you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with and Aaron chose to be influenced by millionaire mentors.usveteranlogo


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